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Feel at Home in French! Join Maude every Monday at 11 a.m. Swiss time (UTC + 1) for a free French class .

Train your ear

Listen carefully and get tips on how to say it, and what pitfalls to avoid. Feel free to join us live, too. (Well, you'll be muted during the show, but we'll practice aloud during musical breaks).

Practice speaking

A little practice goes a long way. Listen and talk to yourself (I do when I'm practicing Japanese).
The advantage here is that you can practice in private and listen to the replay.

stop feeling guilty or embarrassed...
practice speaking!

Wow!! French works!
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Monday 11 a.m. UTC+1

Maude Vuille

Ask and Join the free Speaking Lounge

Email ExpatRadio or Maude (see below) and ask questions. Looking forward to those - learning French.

Maude is an excellent teacher who I worked with in the past 2 years to accelerate my French. She is very professional, enlightening, insightful, and adaptable/receptive to individual student needs. Highly recommend Oh Yes Langues et plus to anyone interested in learning a language.
I now conduct meetings in French with my French colleagues. Before we spoke English for my sake. I also like the email notes Maude sends me to better retain information.
I renegotiated my mortage (all in French) and got a good deal. The bankers were impressed and it felt great.
S. J.
You're the best teacher - they asked me exactly what we talked about. I was myself and passed my naturalization exam.

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frequently asked questions

Questions? C'est ici.

Yes, unless something goes wrong…Replays will be posted on here.

We first address beginner to pre-intermediate levels to help you “fit in” with the locals and use French as much as possible.

Happily, we do. The global Feel@Home French is opening very soon.

It’s all about learning, speaking and networking in French, to feel good and own your French-speaking life and experience.