Short Courses run 4 weeks for an intense burst of learning. Go to Memberships for ongoing acquisition and leveling up and FrenchPODs for self-study.
Feel@Home French Method: you work with podcasts and podcast clip of local entrepreneurs and use these as springboards into acquiring the French language. 
Which of the following resonates with you on your journey to mastering French?
  1. You don’t understand spoken French enough
  2. You understand what people say but can’t reply, or can’t get over a certain threshold because of your limited vocabulary
  3. You don’t have much time to study French
  4. You’re losing your French skills
  5. Your theoretical knowledge of French isn’t enough to participate actively in the community
Successful speakers of French have in 3 vital points in common:
  1. They get into the community
  2. They speak to real people
  3. They tell real stories
In this course, you will 
  1. Hear and react to real conversations spoken by local French speakers
  2. Acquire language skills and take ownership of your new, competent French self, and
  3. Put it into practice and feel more and more at home in French on your own terms  
Our stories are so relatable you’ll find yourself wanting to talk about them and share your knowledge! You’ll do this in French (Bravo!) or reformulate in another language (Well done! That’s proof of understanding!). 

Finally, you get insights into the local culture and indirectly support local business. Who knows when this local knowledge will be an asset?

Three monthly membership packages range from CHF 19.95 to CHF 129 CHF; get two months free when you sign-up for a year. Registration opens on 12 December 2022. 

More details:

PS - As a bonus, you get exclusive bilingual content from Maude's French & Language Fun show on Expat Radio.

Tuesdays, 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm, AND Thursdays, 12.30 pm to 1.30 pm. 

How would you like to accelerate your French and feel at home, in French?

  • Interactive content and discussion areas
  • Lessons 2x week 
  • Networking

A hands-on approach to get to speaking French and connecting with the local people, language, and the international population.