Available courses

Japanese language and more

Japanese language and more

Learn Japanese through videos and other resources with a native Japanese instructor.

OCC English

OCC English

Private learning space for business clientèle.

Online Speaking Club - English

Online Speaking Club - English

Practice speaking English while doing something you love and connecting with people around the world!

CUBS: English 2 for kids

CUBS: English 2 for kids

Espace en ligne pour les élèves du lundi et mardi, au Pommier, au Grand-Saconnex

KITTENS: English 1 for kids

KITTENS: English 1 for kids

L'espace cours d'anglais des élèves à Genève: Mercredi matin au Pommier et Ancienne-Mairie l'après-midi.

English Book Club - The Alter Ego Effect by T.Herman

English Book Club - The Alter Ego Effect by T.Herman

Welcome self-satisfaction and a well-deserved sense of achievement! There are many benefits to reading books in a foreign language and engaging in discussions. Let's list a few!

  • Stimulates your mind and sense of analysis and exchange
  • Expands your vocabulary
  • Sharpens your memory and improves your concentration
  • Gives you knowledge

As a non-native speaker, this course

  • Trains your mind to think and speak in English
  • Opens professional opportunities
  • Increases conversation skills to make friends, get a promotion, enjoy traveling...
  • Gives you the opportunity to practice in-depth conversation and tell stories
  • Maintains your English skills
  • Provides pronunciation training, in public or private, to go at your own pace
  • Introduces you to an international community of like-minded individuals

Course information

Book: The Alter Ego Effect, by Todd Herman (affiliate link)

Difficulty: From B1 up

Aim: English fluency, step-by-step, and articulate complex ideas in English

Activities: Videos, Discussion areas, Interactive content, Vocabulary Aids

Duration: 8 weeks

Cost: 50 CHF per participant for 8 weeks of lessons and interactions in our Reading Space. This course begins as soon as we have 100 participants from around the world!

We believe in building talent and the pursuit of life-long learning. Thanks for taking part in a great adventure.

English - Picture dictionaries A1

English - Picture dictionaries A1

Toutes sortes d'activités pour apprendre ou se rafraichir la mémoire. De 8 à 99+ ans!
Tu y trouves:
  • 15 Dicos-Photos
  • Jeux de mémoire (memory) avec audio
  • Mots-croisés
  • Mots cachés
  • Jeux du pendu
  • Dicos-vidéos
  • Cartes de répétion (flashcards) 
  • Autres jeux 
  • Evaluations pour suivre ton progrès

Feel at Home French

Feel at Home French

The Online French course to have you practice and speak! Step-by-step, achieve the degree of fluency in French to make you feel at home.
This course is for you, if:
  • If you haven't got many opportunities to speak French (everyone wants to speak English with you...) 
  • You aren't interested in traditional classes
  • If you are looking for an accessible instructor 
  • If you think you might enjoy learning from the community
  • If you want to gain in confidence and practice before you speak, 
and, if you are looking for RELEVANT training, 

Watch this space, you have come to the right place! Email us at info@ohyes.ch and you won't miss our launch.
Merci beaucoup!!